GSM based Vehicle Theft Intimation System

This GSM based Vehicle Theft Intimation System project aims at continuously monitors vehicle from some interrupt.

In case someone tries to steal the vehicle, micro controller will automatical the y shuts down the engine valve which is interfaced through relay driver ULN2003 IC. The relay driver circuit is basically current amplifier IC.

The Vehicle Theft Intimation System is enabled with the GSM Modem which sends SMS to the user mobile number which is stored in microcontoller memory.


Software Tools:

1. Keil compiler
2. Embedded C Code
3. ucFlash

Hardware :

1. Microcontroller AT89S52.
2. Interrupt Switch
3. Current Driver ULN2003


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GSM based Vehicle Theft Intimation System - Download Free project Source code, Project Report Documentation, PPT and Guidance