Vehicle Tracking System Abstract

Vehicle Tracking system using GPS module and GSM modem,  and ARM7 (LPC2129). 


This project mainly works on GPS and GSM systems. The vehicle is traced by using information from satellite systems and send to GSM systems.     

Vehicle and user are connected initially by using GSM network. the user will send message to Moving vehicle for connectivity, hardware mounted on vehicle reacts to message and send conformation message to user and then if the message is valid one then GPS modem is initiated and requested for location. 

The latitude and longitude values are compared with the values stored in the memory and corresponding location name is given to the Controller which in turn uses GSM/GPRS to send the location name by means of Short Message Service back to USER. 



The heart of this project is a micro controller ARM7 (LPC2129). 


Messages sent by the user is received by the GSM  module. 

1)  Password option is provided for secure authentication. 

2)  Micro controller will play important role in sending and receiving commands to GPS. 

3)  Micro Controller extracts the location name and send the same to the GSM via serial communication. Micro controller will find location and send details to GSM Mobile using serial communication system.

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  1. this is very good.
    pls send me an abstract for vehicle security based on password and automatic lights control. pls mail me as soon as possible.

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