An Ultrahigh-Speed Low Power Electrical Drive System

This An Ultrahigh-Speed Low Power Electrical Drive System represents a new ultrahigh-speed drive system capable of operating at 500000 r/min with a power output of 100W for a portable power gas turbine unit and air-compressor application. The spindle drives use induction motors but a number are replaced by PM machines because of higher efficiency and power density.

The applications in the field of portable power generation, small turbo compressors, and spindles need to develop ultrahigh-speed and low power electrical drives. A magnet machine with a slotless litz-wire winding is used that results in a low motor inductance and a high fundamental machine frequency.

A voltage source inverter results in the lowest volume of the complete drive system because of lower switching losses, no heat sink cooling required, a small number of semiconductor devices, and simple control implementation in a low cost digital signal processor.

It is applied in air-compressors, spindle drives and drills and miniature portable power generation systems. When speed of the electrical machine decreases, it has significant advantages for portable power generation. The high-speed electrical machines depend on the power level and the rated speed of the machine.

Emerging application fields for air compressors, ultrasmall drills and spindles, and portable power generation are produced by mesoscale gas-turbines and these applications require a low power and ultrahigh-speed electrical drive system. The application is used for a portable power unit where the output is utilized to power portable electronic devices of up to 100W. The output voltage is dc with a voltage range from 28 to 42 V which is utilized in aircraft and automotive electrical systems.


The new emerging applications require the developed ultrahigh-speed and low power electrical drives. A 500 000-r/min and 100-W electrical drive system are developed. The PM is inserted inside a titanium sleeve to achieve a small diameter rotor. The entire drive system is extended to higher speeds or power levels with improved bearing technology.

Download An Ultrahigh-Speed Low Power Electrical Drive System Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report.

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