Vehicle Anti-Collision System Using Ultrasonic Signals


Vehicle Anti-Collision System Using Ultrasonic Signals  project is used to avoid collision between vehicles moving front and thereby an accident. 


          Nowadays accidents become a common happening in roads due to carelessness or due to over speeding. If we can avoid this means we can save many lives.

The main aim of our project is to develop a anti-collision system for vehicle which can be used for real time application. The main features of the project are: ultrasonic sound sensor and power control circuitry.

This system monitors the distance between our car and any other vehicle or obstacles in the front. If our car crosses a particular limit the power will be cut out.


       The controller always waiting for “Stop-value”(i.e. 23 0r 05) and  Enter the value ,The controller always monitor the sensor values ,if the value comes within a particular limit the car will be stopped and indicator will be on. if it is near the stop limit it will alert the driver and buzzer will be on. If the block is gone then, car will move normally. For controlling car movement we are using relay circuitry.

       A 16×2 LCD is implemented to display the modes and distance.

download  Vehicle Anti-Collision System Using Ultrasonic Signals  Embedded system Abstract.

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  1. can i get the circuit diagram of this project
    ( vehicle anti-collision sysyem based on ultrasonic signal) .waiting for ur reply

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