High performance ZigBee network protocol implementation for RF communication projects main idea is to  develop a application which use Radio frequency to communication between network and Zig Bee is the network which will maintain the personal area network. In this network each network has its own unique PAN id. ZBee works on 64bit and 16 bit systems. Data transmission is done with 16 bit and 64 bit is used to solve any issues related to 16 bit. 

            Here we are following the star topology that contains one coordinator and no. of roots or end devices. Each device in a ZigBee network is having a different id. The coordinator collects the all devices id and always able to connect with the each device in its network. If a device is an out of range from the network then the coordinator builds the root to the destination by identifying the network id and broadcasts the data to the destination.

download High Performance Zigbee Protocol for RF Communication Abstract .