Vehicle To Vehicle Communication System Project Report

Abstract for Vehicle To Vehicle Communication

Objective of Vehicle To Vehicle Communication System project is to avoid the roadway collisions and to drivers prior to the collision. Accidents are taking thousands of lives every day so with intent to reduce the adverse effects we implemented this project based on vehicle to vehicle communications systems, with the rapid advancement of wireless communication systems had paved path for the vehicle to vehicle wireless communication based warning systems.

Vehicle To Vehicle Communication System

Introduction to Vehicle To Vehicle Communication

In this project the wireless data communication is provided by using ZIGBEE concept, this ZIGBEE technology is a high level wireless communication protocol using small and low power based wireless networks. And are the standard based communication networks had unique advantages like low cost, low power consumption wireless sensors since these are intensively applicable in modern electronic components these are the ideal choice for secure networking.

So far based on the steady analysis of present day situations we implemented an effective system based on control policies, service differentiation methodologies, and complex emergency warning dissemination.

The ultrasonic sensors are used as a distance measurement device for this system, a low power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit AT89C51 microcontroller is used to control the overall operations systematically. Piezoelectric sound buzzer is used to warn the user.

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Project Advantages:

This wireless communication system project is useful to reduce accidents.

It helps better communication system between two vehicles by calculating distance and speed of other vehicles. Cost required for installation is low and easy to design with low investment.

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