ZIG-BEE Monitoring and Control System ECE Project Report

Introduction to ZIG-BEE Monitoring and Control System Project:

In this paper we implemented a new concept in high level communications with low power digital based radio systems, in upcoming advancements of wireless communication systems our project ZIG-BEE monitoring and control system provides proprietary conditions for low cost, low power consumption, wireless network in global implementation.

Wireless communications are developing rapidly in recent days with the help of embedded systems in modern day applications, these integrated embedded systems paved path for the development of the revolutionary concept ZIG-BEE monitoring and controlling devices, these low data rate devices find many applications in the fast data communication systems.

By using this technique we can connect several nodes into a single network, the standard expectations of this concept is to control any kind of electronic devices and machines, in order to maintain proper energy management we demonstrated the ZIG-BEE concept having an ZIG-BEE module which continuously monitors the connected devices, ZIG-BEE arrived  in order to meet the requirements like global license free ISM band width operations, un interrupted geographic use, radio frequency penetration into various mediums, voice support control systems,  these systems are capable of working for years using inexpensive power utilities in controlling and monitoring devices, reliable and self healing, these networking techniques are robust with low complexity in remote monitoring control systems.

And they can transfer data rates up to 250 kb/s, with CSMA-CA channel access can address devices dynamically in this the network coordinator coordinates with all other network nodes through communication lines, in this we implemented 802.15.4 Architecture and its overview with performance parameters and simulation results were neatly explained below, this intelligent monitoring system is successfully designed and implemented using sophisticated techniques and These systems had many advantages like, security, HVAC transmissions, lighting control, access control, irrigation systems, environmental management systems, building automation, industrial management, security management, wireless sensor networks.  

Download  ZIG-BEE Monitoring and Control System ECE Project Report.

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