Ubiquitous Computing Seminar Report on Mobile Computing

Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing Seminar Topic on Mobile Computing:

This type of computing is also known as pervasive computing. This technology is opposite to virtual technology. Virtual technology makes the user to think like that he is in the computer generated world and this technology makes the computer to live with human being. It is a very reachable topic which may includes artificial intelligence, mobile computing and sensor networking. In order to track the user, the system must be capable of to locate the user and the device both and this tracking works on mainly three step they are bats which are ultrasonic transmitter that are wore by the user. Another is receivers that detects the ultrasonic sounds and last is central controller that controls both the bats and the receiver.

Ubi finger: – It is a device that is used to point at the target detected by the user and it work by controlling the natural gestures of the finger movement. It works on IP that usually some in mobile phones.

Mouse filed: – It is an IP device that had an ID recognizer and works on sensor that detects the object and do the work according to the user motion.

Hoppers and smart posters: – Once all the setup is done the system will start to store and get data from the system as the information hoppers which will keep the track of the data that when it was created. Another type of application is smart poster in the button can be placed anywhere on the screen and it works on the idea that the button is a piece of that can be pasted on the walls. This can control any device which is plugged in the network. For pressing button in this application the user simply have to put his bat in that place and have to press the bat.

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