ECG Tele Monitoring B.Tech ECE Final Year Project Report

Introduction to ECG Tele Monitoring Project:

This paper presents a new revolutionary concept in the field of medical sciences, with the rapid advancement of electronics in medical applications has paved path for the invention of a virtual heath monitoring system rather than conventional manually operated ECG system, here we implemented a new system “ECG telephone monitoring system comprised of an portable ECG terminal with an health monitoring system.

This system is capable of transmitting the human body signals effectively for monitoring purpose by analyzing them perfectly. In emergency condition there is an intense need of immediate and accurate diagnosis based on the condition and the body signals from the electrocardiography (ECG). This conventional method of analyzing the health conditions of the patient takes a lot of time so with an intent to reduce the reaction time we implemented this new ECG TELEMONITORING system.

This system is also known as telemetric ECG it can perform the direct transmissions in real time with in shorter duration of time facilitates a continuous monitoring over the varying parameters. And the transmission of the signal can be either through wire or wireless.

Standard telephonic wires are used to transmit the data where as in wireless transmission for monitoring and transmitting the ECG signals of the patients we implement the monitoring center server based on ZIGBEE link. By this the doctor can take the prevention steps based on the ECG signals delivered by the ECG compatible software.

The design and operation of this remote ECG monitoring is clearly explained in the coming sections. Apart from several methods of recording and analyzing these ECG signals this new concept of using mobile phone in monitoring purposes, offer many advantages in real time applications.

By this we can monitor the patient condition and an accurate therapy can be provided, it is a low cost and high distance coverage, can easily interface with the peripheral devices for the efficient exchange of data.

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