Wireless Monitoring Systems Project Report

The main objective of Wireless Monitoring Systems Project is to perform continuous monitoring the patient conditions, and providing accurate information in emergency situations, the increase in accessibility in wireless technologies paved path for the inventions of new remote monitoring systems.

Wireless Monitoring Systems Project Report

Wireless Monitoring Systems Implementation:

Implementing wireless sensing devices with high flexibility and portability, here in our project we implemented a real time wireless communication network for short and medium range of distances, this system is capable of determining the heart beat of the patients and the temperature calculations based the micro controller signals, we use an GSM module to transmit the data from one place to other and the micro controller controls the transmission process.

Youtube video link to view block diagram, circuit diagram


Here we send information in the form of SMS from the transmitter to the medical expert, and also this system displays the information on the computer screen, these sensors senses the abnormal conditions and an alarm is blown in emergency situations.

System Requirements:

The hardware of this device includes an low power AT89C52 Micro Controller which is interfaced with the GSM modem, LM35 Temperature Sensor, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for interfacing microprocessor to convert analog data into digital format, LCD display will acts as an output device, and the maximum voltage that the circuit will operates at 5vdc, for that we need to step-down the 230v ac to 12v ac and then rectified into 5v dc using a Bridge rectifier, and then this rectified voltage is regulated using an voltage regulator and feed to the circuit, At the load we connect a capacitor to minimize the ripple content.

The hardware design and block diagram representation is clearly explained below, so far we had implemented this new device successfully and practical tests are conducted.

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These health care sensors are playing vital role hospitality; it is a multipurpose system and can forecast the different conditions at a time, easy to operate and comparatively low price devices, and highly reliable with less complexity.

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