Latest ECE Project Topic on Remote Notice Board Using GSM with SMS with Project Report

Today every advertisement is becoming digital and even the shopping malls and big shops are using this method for displays. This is an eye-catching way of grabing the attention of the consumers. You can also see that this method is being used at the bus stands and railway station for displaying the information of tickets, number of platform etc. this can also be explained as digital moving display but in case if you want to change the message or the style of display then you have to connect it with the laptop or PC.

For example if the person wants to display this content in the important areas of the city then he will have to go there along with his laptop. Then he needs to connect the display with his laptop to make the necessary changes. This is usually used by army and police sectors and it is quite helpful for them because this system will be connected with the central areas of the city and thus will enable to flash the message in 5 mins. We are focusing on designing something new that can enable to control the display from remotely.

GSM technology is being used to access the display and it one of the latest technology. This is being used in this field for the first time to create a communication between the mobile and microcontroller. 

This project will act as a remote notice board that will be connected with the modem so that when the user will desire to display any message he will just send the SMS in the format of a message to the display system. The system will further receive the message and update everything as per the instruction of the message. For undergoing this process the password is the main factor and the display will make the changes only if the password received from the sender’s mobile is matched.

Download  Latest ECE Project Topic on Remote Notice Board Using GSM with SMS with Project Report.

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