Remote Notice Board Using GSM With SMS Full Project Report

Introduction to Remote Notice Board Using GSM With SMS Project:

The world is shrinking with time because today people from all over the world can easily communicate with one another in just a matter of seconds. Digital techniques of communication are the main brainchild behind this success and with the passage of time these techniques are successfully developing more and more.

Advancement control and communication has become important in all parts of the world. The use of cellular technology – mobile phones have increased drastically in the past years.

The main motto of smart Notice Board Using GSM project is to use mobile phones to receive the message and then send it for display to notice board. This project is designed with the concept of micro-controller and it can be used to control remote notice board.

The heart of the project is P89C52RD2BN. Here the cellular technology is considered for sending message to the notice board. The mobile used is of GSM technology.

The international roaming capability is the main strength of GSM which means it ensures seamless service for the customers. Apart from that it also enable high quality speech, digital experience, call waiting and forwarding services and freedom of using universal mobile phones. SMS is a service of GSM technology by which data can be received and send easily from one handset to another.

The message can consist of alpha numerical combination, words and numbers. SMS service is one of the widest using techniques and it is meant especially for those who have hearing or speech problems. 

The best part is that if you are outside the coverage of the GSM area then the SMS will be stored for you and once you enter the coverage area you will receive it then and there. This will also help you to be aware about the security system of your office and home.

Download  Remote Notice Board Using GSM With SMS Full Project Report.

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