SMS Based Stepper Motor Control ECE Project

The SMS Based Stepper Motor Control ECE Project has goal to improve and examine the benefits of cell phones to atomically manage the devices of the control system. The microcontroller will manage the gadget depending on the data provided. The accepted answer would require easy utilizing, simple, easy, robust and beneficial on many cell phones.

Stepper motors function distinctively from motors of DC brush that move if the voltage is used on their terminals. The motors productively include many toothed electromagnets aligned across the main gear-shaped part of iron.

 The electromagnets are developed over the outer control circuit like microcontroller. For turning the motor shaft, the electromagnet is provided with the energy that creates teeth of the gear very strong. When the teeth of the gear are arranged to the electromagnet then they are offset from the electromagnet. Every slight rotation is known as step including integer number of steps for complete rotation.


The SMS Based Stepper Motor Control ECE Project includes the background into the field of 8051 microcontroller and cell communication and the way they are incorporated each other and AT (Attention) commands set utilized under communication.

Download SMS Based Stepper Motor Control ECE Project

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