CSE Mini Project Topic on GSM Modem Based SMS Gateway with Project Report

AT COMMANDS are used to design a SMS gateway that can easily communicate with the GSM modem. For proper interaction this system will have a user friendly graphical interface. This in turn will connect with the modem using protocol like HTTP and others.

This system is highly advanced and it is designed with several objectives like to receive and send SMS to mobile device using the computer system.

In this system the computer will be connected to the GSM modem in order to provide smooth efficiency of message transferring. It will also enable to study the AT commands as well as their implementation in GSM modems.

Another aim of this system is to create a GUI based application for receiving and sending messages. It also helps to store messages in the computer’s memory. 

To receive and send message using the GSM modem SMS gateway is the most effective mean and we can send SMS only from those computers that are connected to a GSM mode. At commands are used for this purpose and recently the study and its implementation is done successfully.

Receiving SMS is only possible if we have GSM modem and usually mobile phones do not work on this formula of GSM modem. For more features enhancement is necessary to made in the GUI system. We can now send and receive MMS and also add contact details, etc. 

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AT commands are very useful and with further studies new features can also be developed. Its function ability is outrageous. GUI codes are written in .net using the language of C# that acts as a gateway between GSM and computer modem.

Consideration of timing is important while connecting modem to the computer that uses USB cable, infrared and Bluetooth. Overall, this system is very useful.

Download  CSE Mini Project Topic on GSM Modem Based SMS Gateway with Project Report.

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