Requirement Determination 

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study mainly focuses on whether the system is feasible or not.It concentrates on various kinds of feasibility such as the following : 

Technical feasibility :

This is mainly concerned with specifying equipment and software that will      successfully satisfy the user requirement. We studied our project “Free Sms Mobile Service” is technically feasible with the equipments and software provided to us.

Operational feasibility :

It is mainly related to how the system will be operated by the user. And whether the new user will feel ease to use the system. “Free Sms Mobile Service” is feasible in this aspect because any user of the system can operate the system easily.

Social feasibility :

This is concerned with the determination of whether the system will be      acceptable to the people or not. “Free Sms Mobile Service” is acceptable to the user from all the aspects with its predefined factors.

Economic feasibility :

This is most frequently used technique for evaluating the effectiveness of a    proposed System.“ Free Sms Mobile Service”. This is procedure to determine the benefits and savings that are expected from proposed system and compare them with cost.

Management feasibility :

This is used for determination of whether a “Free Sms Mobile Service” is acceptable to user or not. If user does not accept project, the analyst will tend to view the project as non-feasible. 

Time feasibility :

This is mainly concerned with the determination of whether the system project can be implemented fully within stipulated time period. “Free Sms Mobile Service” is feasible with aspects of time as it would be fully prepared and could be implemented in the given period of our project training.

User Interface Design 

Home Screen 

  • This is the home screen of an application in which user has to provide Username(10 digit number), Password and Select particular Gateway.

Through which user can send messages. 

Free SMS Mobile Service Android Application

Selection of Inbox Screen 

  • Through this screen, user can select messages of  inbox or compose new  messages. 

Send Message Screen

  • Through this screen user can send messages to particular number which can be selected from contact list or user can send messages to known number. 

Sign Up Screen 

  • Through this screen user can Register on different websites like Way2sms, 160by2, fullonsms, site2sms.

User Manual 

  • First user has to provide username and password of particular website on which he/she  is registered.Then user has to select that website and click on Login button.
  • After that user has to select Compose Message / Inbox.
  • After that user can fetch contacts from contacts list or he/she can enter number if he/she knows directly in number field.
  • User has to type message in Message box or user can fetch messages from inbox also.
  • Then user can click on Send button.Message will be received by the receiver. 
  • User can also Sign Up and create his/her account on various websites if user doesn’t have any account and thus user can use the applicaton.


  • User must enter valid number i.e. number must start from 7, 8 or 9 only and number must have 10 digits.
  • Enter the valid password.
  • User should select appropriate gateway.

Future Enhancement

  • In future, User can send Group Messages.
  • If website permits to send messages of more than 130 characters then user can take benefit of it.