Online Employee Transfer Application System

The project “Online Employee Transfer Application system” is designed using Visual Studio .NET framework version 2.0. The coding language used is C#.Net

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Objective of the project:

The aim of this Project is to perform the following operations:

  • Managing all the details of the employees. The details will include the name of the employee, no of the employee, designation of the employee, current location of the employee and etc.
  • It is useful to the employee’s as well as higher administrator.
  • Providing updates of vacancy positions.
  • Administrator can always watch the transfer application details.
  • It is user friendly interface to the employee and higher administrator.
  • Easy to search:Search becomes easy based on the input provided.
  • It requires less time: When a employee is searching for a vacancy position and apply for transfer in a manual process it takes much time, but when compared to our proposed system it takes less time because it gives the output based on the input i.e., searching for vacancy positions.

Previous methods:

In the existing system there is no online application for transfer requests, the employee should write a letter and send it to the Higher Management. The entire transfer request system is manual.

For example if we take education department, the power to transfer teaching staff was very difficult in the hands of the director. This concentration of power had been leading to procedural delays most applications sent through the Principals and the Deputy Directors through proper Channel never reached their destination.

This problem was more severe by the high number of applications coming for being processed. Such a large number of requests for transfer by the teachers were not only becoming difficult but taking a long time through manual means. There were rising complaints about delays, centralization of power and oversight or extreme pain faced by the applicants.

Project approach and motivation of the project: 

We proposed new system where the entire system is made available online and evaluates transfer requests automatically.

The proposed system display the vacant positions and their details(area, eligibility, post, and other information if any…)and allow the employees to submit their request along with required data for the vacant post through online. After receiving the requests the system will evaluate the request based on specific criteria set by the administration. This software saves a lot of time and reduces work process.

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