E Fashions Java & SQL Project

Project Title: – e-fashions

Purpose of this project: Generally most of the organizations depend on models to launch their products in to the market. Search for the models manually obviously take much time and may not yield the purpose sometimes. This e-fashions project provides an environment for clients to search for models for their advertisements.


The person who coordinates the models and clients is the administrator. Admin can train the models, edit the prices for the models and group them into categories. By displaying the models, he invites the clients to choose the models and edits the contract between the models and clients. He maintains the cost of the contracts between the models and clients.


A Model can Register, Login and upload their profiles and photos.


Clients can Register, search for models by opening their profiles, they can use them for their advertisements by paying the amount by online.

E Fashions Java Project


We are used the softwares to execute the code i.e Tomcat server ,SQL 2005 and java .

First we should restore the data base i.e Efashion backup file by clicking on database and select restore the database option in SQL 2005.

Then place the code in the C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.0\webapps folder  run the code by starting the tomcat.

The code will execute step by step first we should click on admin then we should enter in to admin login by giving the id and password we should enter in to admin home then we can perform some operations.The client and model also login according to their ids and passwords and perform their operations.

Preamble of the project: The internet revolution has made tremendous changes in the life style of people by providing what they want in the useful form at anywhere. With revolution the thinking of the people has completely changed their looking for systems which provides lot of option and guidance in all things (for example education, marriage ,job ,property , etc…).

Objective of the Project: The aim of this Project is to perform the following operations

  • Managing all the details of the models and clients. The details include user name, passwords, contact numbers, email ids, user address, etc.
  • Administrator manages the problems occurred during selecting, updating, contract etc.
  • The details of all the models and clients have to be clearly defined.
  • The clients should provide updates of the addresses, contact numbers etc to the Admin.
  • It is useful to the clients who are going to select the models.
  • Providing updates of models names, photos etc.
  • Administrator can always watch the progress of the models as well as clients.
  • It is user friendly interface to the client: Requires no technical knowledge for searching.
  • It requires less time: When a client is searching for a model in a manual process it takes much time , but when compared to our proposed system it takes less time.
  • The main scope of the project is to select the models for advertisements 


Previous methods:

The main purpose for preparing this document is to give a general insight into the analysis and requirements of the existing system or situation and for determining the operating characteristics of the system.It saves a lot of time and money of the people. 

In the real time environment there is a much importance for the advertisement, to sale / explore the products / goods of an organization to the people globally. To explore they need advertisement.

Some advertisements require manpower in the form of models, where we want to explain about a product. Generally every organization recruits / utilizes many models for their advertisements.  The organization may or may not get the required models; even sometimes they may not get the details of the model

Project approach and motivation approach:

In this paper, we model the sequence of operations in efashions and show how it can be used for the select the models. Our proposed project would be working using a server for database and information storage and clients for information retrieval.

Organization looks for in a fashion runway model and commercial fashion model include the following:

  • a good sense of style
  • ability to look good at all times
  • must know how to dress up properly
  • knowledge about make up applications
  • has good walking posture
  • excellent stamina
  • familiarity in different poses
  • great facial projection

In the present existing system, the models are selecting manually by clients. It is time consuming and a risky factor.

For example, when we consider a particular organization who wants to launch a new product in to the market.So,we need a model.Then,he manually  concerns every model and select them.But in this process we are not sure that whether the particualr model is suitable for the particular product or not.

It includes the following modules: –

  1. Models
  2. Clients
  3. Reports
  4. Administrator

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