ECE Seminar Topic on Network Security Using Cryptography

Introduction to Network Security Using Cryptography  Seminar topic:

Kerberos is known for network authentication system or authorization system that can be implementing between any networks which may be even unauthenticated. Kerberos works on the principle of Key distribution model produced by theNeedhamand Schroeder. The communication over the networks needs to be proving identity by any user to avoid the replay attacks. It has been using the Cryptography systems like DES for maintaining Data stream integrity and Secrecy. Data stream integrity is to identify the modifications and Secrecy is to avoid the unauthorized accessing. 

The process involves the changing of the plain text into Cipher text which is called Encryption. Whereas the opposite is called Decryption. Cryptography is followed with four principles:

  1. Confidentiality is to maintain the information hiding to un-authorized accessing.
  2. Integrity is the key that aims to unchanged information during storage or transit between the users.
  3. Non-repudiation is to clear the intentions of the developer or sender of the information that cannot be neglected.
  4. Authentication of the sender and the receiver to prove one another identity to access information. 

The above mentioned procedures and protocols are known as Cryptography. 

Kerberos has mainly users and services as principals along with tickets which is used to prove one another and secret or private Cryptographic key for safe communication to other principal. The ticket is a chain of some hundred bytes that are embedded in other end network protocol which allows applying the protocol to make confirm the identity of the principals. 

Kerberos is an idea for mutual authentication and safe communication within the principals in the open network with the help of providing the secret keys to other principal to navigate via network. Kerberos are not involved in password validation so care has to be taken for the individual network to access.

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