Latest CSE Seminar Topic 2012 on JXTA Technology

project jxta a technology overview:

The intervention of the distributed systems into private networks and internet brings out with many advanced protocols and standards to connect the systems. Here the presentation is about overview of JXTA, and its structure, the theories and the upcoming developments of JXTA. 

This technology consists of network programming & computing stage for solving so many problems in modern distributed computing particularly in the field of p2p i.e., peer to peer computing. JXTA was the origin of the Sun Microsystems and other experts. 

JXTA or Juxtapose has been designed for p2p computing that works in open network computing platform. The JXTA platform provides the peers to understand one another, to advertise network resources, to communicate one another and to help each other to secure peer groups. 

JXTA has multilayer specification of p2p protocols which is developed to work on the vast spectrum of the hardware platforms and the networking rules. 


JXTA follows the principles which are actually resultant of demerits of many p2p systems. The p2p systems were based on producing single type of network services, for instance, Napstar is used for music file sharing, Gnutella has known for Generic file sharing and AIM to do instant message. These various features of p2p systems and improper infrastructure, the p2p system software producer possibly developing incompatible software systems, unable to complete access of the users from p2p communities 

JXTA comes with the solution of this which creates simple and generic p2p platform that leads generic network services which are following

  1. JXTA follows less protocol which are easy to apply and combine with p2p services and application. These services can be accessed between user communities.
  2. JXTA doesn’t depend on particular programming language so it can be applied in C/C++ , JAVA languages, peer and other languages. The Heterogenic devices having different s/w stacks are also controlled and operated by JXTA protocols.
  3. JXTA also doesn’t controlled by any particular transport protocols. It can be applied with TCP/IP, HTTP, Bluetooth, Home PNA & other protocols. 

JXTA Example 

The synchronization between various electronic devices like cell phone, pager, and wireless email device are normally done with PC as central synchronization server that connects all devices by the device driver. JXTA made it possible to connect or synchronize all devices without other networking interfaces. JXTA works as general media for communications and data exchange in all devices at a time.

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