ECE Seminar Report on Voltage Regulators

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Voltage Regulators:

In this paper we dealt with the importance of voltage regulators in every day transmission and distribution of electricity. The main aim of the voltage regulators is to provide a constant voltage over a wide range of varying load conditions this phenomenon comes under the concept of voltage regulation. Electrical system under fault conditions may not work up to the expected way or stops working permanently. The proper working of the total network depends upon the various factors like voltage sags and surges, voltage sags are one of the main causes for voltage fluctuations. Voltage sags are the most common type of faults occurred in the power transmission .

Voltage Sags and voltage dips are caused due to the abnormal increase or decrease in loads like short circuits faults. In order to overcome these undesirable fault conditions and to maintain the voltage fluctuations with in a range of 5% higher or lower of this margin. There is an intense need of voltage regulators and voltage stabilizers in the primary and secondary distribution networks including home appliances.

Different voltage regulators have different importance and working conditions. In this paper we come across the need of voltage regulators different major kinds of voltage regulators like electro mechanical voltage regulators ,electronic voltage regulators, ac voltage stabilizers ,series and shunt voltage regulators ,dc voltage stabilizers ,active regulators ,linear regulators, switching regulators, silicon controlled rectifiers regulators, automatic voltage regulator and  static voltage regulator  and  their working along with their importance and advantages.

Voltage regulators provide safe and secure operation of the total electrical equipment. The major advantage is its reliability in performing its operations under faulty conditions and providing the consumers the benefit of cost. These days Voltage regulators became very crucial part in any electrical system providing excellent working conditions in order to make electrical transmission easy.

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