Telepresence ECE Seminar Report

Telepresence implies the combination of technologies that permits the human to sense like they were available to provide the looks which were present. Telepresence needs senses of the subscribers that are given with such stimuli. Moreover, the users are able to provide the capability to influence the automatic place. The place, movements, functions, voice, etc. of the user are sensed, moved, and copied under the remote place to get its influence. As a result, the data is moved in both ways among the remote location and the user.

This is related to degree and sometime it would be the telepresence system which gives respective stimuli of inclusive and the user has no distinctions from real availability. For instance, watching TV, this provides the feelings of hearing and vision.

Sometime, the possible telepresence gear results in the thing which is aimed and the consumer should leave the disbelief to a limit and to perform under the natural method and specifically to the remote place and to operate the supplies.

The first one is the Cisco TelePresence Meeting solution that gives the pictures of life size and ultra-high-definition video, spatial audio, and the atmosphere to make the meeting place, room under the room. The Cisco solution allows the users to get live and face-to-face meeting knowledge like they were in the similar place to meet and collaborate.


TelePresence is the modern method which makes the best, “in-person” expectations among locations, persons, and occasion under their function and own lives. This includes novelty interactive components, video, and audio (software and hardware) to get the knowledge of the network. Telepresence implies the sense that you are somewhere else.

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