E-Textiles ECE Seminar Report

Introduction to E-Textiles Seminar Topic:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of E-Textiles. As there are number of changes in the emerging trends gave rise to e-textiles. These e textiles are considered as intelligent clothing because of the embedded components placed in it. As fashion has become the most important one which everyone considers now  the popularity of e-textiles is growing and more researches are going on to advance this technology. E-textiles, are defined as fabrics that can function electrically and can behave physically as textiles which has digital components placed in them.

Brief into design and working Dual Core CPU:

The e- textiles can be manufactured in two methods one is by placing the electronic devices like conducting wires, ICs, LEDs and batteries into fabrics and the other includes usage of transistors, diodes and solar cells . The material which is more suitable for making of e-textiles is organic electronic materials because of its conductivity and can be designed as inks and plastics. First proper conducting materials has to be chosen for building the layers.

The Three important parameters which  are to be considered for non conductive fabrics are Dielectric constant, loss tangent, and thickness. The circuit design is placed on the fabrics either by sewing or embroidery. A conductive thread is made use for electrical connection between layers.

Advantages and Disadvantages and Applications:

E-textiles are light in weight and flexible. There are no wires present. These are not visible to others. Manufacturing cost is also cheap. For washing the e-textiles only dry cleaning has to be done. These are used in physical therapy. They can act as batteries. They can be used for monitoring homes for noxious chemicals. They can be used to find the movement of people.  By using this we can adjust light or sound systems.

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