Seminar Topics for ECE 2012 on Robotics with Report

This paper discussed about an emerging technology, surgical robotics. Robotic surgery plays an important role in overcoming the surgical limitation of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Robots in operating rooms provide assistance to surgeons and help them to complete the routine surgical activities with less effort. Surgical robots are controlled by the methods like remote control and voice activation. Surgical robots allow precision of surgical instruments in minimally invasive procedures.

The main goal of robotic surgery field is to develop or design a robot which can perform heart surgery.  Robotic surgery helps to reduce pain and scaring to the patient.  In addition to the rewards to the patient, this robotic surgery is very helpful to both the surgeon and the hospital.


Robots are entered into medical field slowly but proved its presence with its significant benefits. Robotic surgery is comes into existence to overcome the drawbacks of conventional surgical procedures. Doctors have already started using the sophisticated robots to perform surgical tasks on patients. The robotic surgical systems have capability to improve the safety and effectiveness of surgeries. But even these systems also have some drawbacks.

The one of the main disadvantage of this system is it is highly expensive. The usage of robots in performing surgery is termed as Robotic surgery. Remote surgery, minimally invasive surgery and unmanned surgery are the three significant benefits of Robotic surgeries. The enhanced vision of these systems is highly remarkable. Unlike the conventional laparoscopic camera views, this system has 3-dimensional view with depth perception.


Robotic surgery is still in its evolving state. This paper discussed about the current role of robotics in surgery and its future. Robotic technology improves and expands laparoscopic procedures and brings revolution in surgery. Beyond the limits of human ability, a robotic can perform or expand its surgical treatment modalities. But maintaining of this robotic technology is cost effective so researches are still carrying out by considering all aspects like cost and power consumption.

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