B.Tech ECE Project Idea and Report on Intelligent Traffic Control using PLC

Introduction to Project Idea and Report on Intelligent Traffic Control using PLC :

These days along with the increasing demand in utilization of automobiles across the globe it’s became a heavy burden upon traffic control authorities in order to control the abnormal traffic occurring on roads. Human technology invented oa tool to control the traffic by introducing traffic signals controlled by well designed technique called programmable logic controller (PLC).

Automation technologies are gaining reputation in this era, the human efforts are reducing in the road traffic control systems. These artificial intelligent systems undergoing serious research in order to provide the better solutions.

Our project gives a unique solution for the over traffic occurring in these days. In this we use Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). PLC is the most suitable controller for the current traffic problems. Before the invention of PLC the controlling operations in automobiles are done by using timers, counters and relays.

The total circuit became complex in those days now due to invention of programmable logic controller which is nothing but an digital computer make an easy path way for these operations. Our PLC technology is very beneficial when compared to others like relays, timers etc. It is a highly reliable, easily maintained with minimum risk content, less complexity with small size, the initial cost and maintained at a very low cost, programming and reprogramming the plant can be performed.

The basic operation principle of the traffic controller is fed to the controller by means of program under certain conditions. The soft ware used here is LOGO! Soft Comfort V5.0 it’s a user friendly interface uses either a ladder method or functional block method. Its works based on the conditions given i.e.; individual censors are placed at individual lanes operated at different time intervals depends upon the number of vehicles present in that particular lane. The basic working elements and conditions are programmed which are elaborated in this paper.

Download  B.Tech ECE Project Idea and Report on Intelligent Traffic Control using PLC .

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