Infrared Remote Control ECE Seminar Report

Introduction to Infrared Remote Control Seminar Topic:

Look around your room and count how many things that you have at your house which are controlled by using remote. You can find many things in a single room which works with remote control system. Everyone watch televisions, VCRs, and stereos which works using remote. However, we can also find more appliances using remote control in now-a-days are that lights controllers, the temperature control, drapes, the front door lock and many more. Remote control system firstly used in military purpose in world war I and in world war II. There have been invented many different types of remote controlling systems. Some have helped in society develop, and others led to our demise.

 German, United States military used first remote controls to operate machines during in world war I and in world war II. During world war II, radio-controlled motor boats the German navy to ram enemy ships. By world war II, the use of remote controls began to use around worldwide, remote control weapons, bombs. The military has a lot of uses for remote controls but beginning in late 1940’s, scientists began experiments to discover the use of remote control for other uses than on the battlefield.

The famous scientist, Robert Adler, holds patents for 180 electronic devices, he is well known for his contribution in the remote control development.

Zenith Radio Corporation, now called as Zenith Electronics developed most primitive remote control system in 1950. This project explains how the remote control system developed and operation of the remote control systems which use Infrared IR rays for application. Remote controls are consumer devises used to give commands from a distance to consumer electronics like televisions, DVD players, air conditioner, cars and many other appliances. By using a micro controller we can control the operations of remote control devices which form the heart of the project.

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