ECE Project Report PDF on Remote Controlling Of Greenhouse Agriculture System By Microcontroller And Bluetooth

 In previous years, our Agriculture system is depends on only atmosphere, seasons and weather like Temperature, Humidity, Presser, Quality of soil and its Moisture. But from several years the production of crop has been depending on not only these atmospheric quotients but also mainly on fertilizers and some advanced technologies, which are made by human beings. In this project we will make a green house Agriculture system by using Microcontroller and Bluetooth in the region of remote control. So the total green house Agriculture system in our hand only that means we will design a specific system.

                       For this type of system we can use PIC18F4550 Microcontroller, three types of sensors are LM35DZ as Temperature sensor, CYBERSEN CHR101 as Humidity sensor, SPD 100G as Pressure sensor, KELHB2-000 as soil pH and moisture meter,  Motor control is Steeper motor PCB designing software is EAGLE, Bluetooth transmitter/receiver is NOKIA BH204 headset and MAT Lab. These are used for analyzing the program and send the data to the motor control. Other equipments are also used like voltage supply, transformer, op-amps, etc. Watering and spraying of insecticides and pesticides control the quality of soil and its moisture but the temperature, pressure and humidity cannot be controlled anyone or anything.

                       The temperature, pressure and humidity can measure easily and make easily but quality of soil and its moisture cannot measure easily and not make easily. So we have to make a device which is used to control the speed of motor and all sensors in a green house.

                      Now we have to keep the motor control of microcontroller in the field. The device which is made by us is keep at outside. It will take the atmospheric quotients as input and connect the computer in our mat lab. Atmospheric quotients (temperature, pressure, humidity and quality of soil and its moisture) all are in the form of analog signals are send to all sensors which are converted to digital signals by the microcontroller. These digital signals are send to the computer by using Bluetooth RF media transmitter/receiver which is working as medium. Then it is received by USB DONGLE of the computer. Mat lab, this software record analyzes and write a specific program and generate a signal is send to the microcontroller. The microcontroller and motor control are connected by the adapter. So in this way we can control the motor control and get a cultivated off-season crop. By using this type of technology we reduce the human labor, excess water usage, possibility of water pollution and usage of insecticides can be controlling. Finally we will get a good production of crops.

 Download ECE Project Report PDF on Remote Controlling Of Greenhouse Agriculture System By Microcontroller And Bluetooth .

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