ECE Project Report on Speed Generator

Introduction to Speed Generator Project:

The demand of electricity is increasing enormously in these days. In order meet this requirement there is immediate action to be taken in order to produce electrical power as many ways as possible. Hence speed breaker generator comes with the intention to provide the electricity involving the simplest methods of operations and easy mechanism of converting mechanical energy to electrical energy by means of speed bumps or speed breakers.

The potential energy is taken from the object passing on the speed breaker the interior of the speed breaker is placed with an alternator, providing the mechanical stress exerted by the object as an input potential energy and the output generated power is stored in the batteries and then it utilized for the further applications including industrial and primary consumer needs at a cheapest cost.

The amount of power generation depends upon the steam of vehicles passing over the breaker, a steady and constant flow of objects over breaker can generate power within a margin of 1000-3600watts of power. Here in this paper we provide the basic concepts of power generation using speed breakers .this process gives us the most economical means of power generation with easy maintenance with utmost reliability.

The three main mechanisms are Crank-shaft mechanism, Roller mechanism, Rack- Pinion mechanism. These three mechanisms works under basic principle that” converting mechanical energy (the potential energy taken from the vehicles) into electrical output energy. In this particular paper we discuss about the various kinds of materials used, different kinds of tools and their assembly, the advantages and what are the modifications are to make in order produce higher quantity of electricity and reliable electricity using advanced technology.

Future scope:

In order to achieve higher outputs with high power efficiency the speed breaker should be designed for the heavy vehicles with an intention to provide high mechanical torque to the shaft of the generator.

Download  ECE Project Report on Speed Generator.

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