Speed Breaker Generator Mini Project for ECE Students

Introduction to Speed Breaker Generator ECE Mini Project:

This paper presents a new concept in the field of power generation; the main objective of this paper is to provide a low budget electricity production, with simple methodologies. In order to meet the enormous demand of electrical energy we have to find alternate sources to full fill the need of supply. Regarding this our project “generating electrical energy from speed breakers” gives a better solution.

In this process we generate electrical energy based on the vehicle weight, and this input object weight is taken as potential energy, this system has mechanism in converting mechanical force into electrical energy. There is an continuous loss of energy in the for heat and friction when an vehicle passes over the speed breaker so in order to utilize the wasting energy we need to implement our project for the conservation of these wasting energies, This paper explains clearly the working mechanism, the design, and practical implementation.  Here to generate electricity we take the potential energy as an input from the passing vehicles and it is used as a prime mover to excite the generator set to produce the electrical energy and this generated energy is stored in the batteries and used for the various applications.

The main procedure includes three kinds of mechanisms Crank-shaft mechanism, Roller mechanism, Rack- Pinion mechanism. Each mechanism had its own advantages and disadvantages but Rack- Pinion mechanism find to more beneficial than the other two by providing greater efficiency, with less gear loss. The materials, tools assembly with their applications and advantages are clearly explained below.

The experimental verification of this sampled kit had revealed that this system is a low cost device with less maintenance, and highly efficient in densely populated areas with high efficiency in production. If we able to design the speed bumps for heavier vehicles which can produce high torques we can extend the range of electricity production.

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  1. Can you mail me the Block diagram, brief explanation about the components used and
    Report of the Project.

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