ECE Micro Controller Project on Remote-Controllable Power Outlet System

Introduction to ECE Micro Controller Project on Remote-Controllable Power Outlet System:

In this paper we portray the Wireless Power-Controlled Outlet Module (WPCOM) with an adaptable mechanism for home power administration which we have advanced. The WPCOM coordinates the different AC power open points and a straightforward flat-power microcontroller into a force outlet to switch the force of the holders ON/OFF and to measure the force devouring of obstructed electric home apparatuses. Our WPCOM comprises of six adaptable modules, that is, the Essential Control Module, the Bluetooth Module, the GSM Module, the Ethernet Module, the SD Card Module and the Power Measuring Module, which as a single unit furnish an indoor satellite, and an outside remote control and screen of electric home apparatuses.

We have planned a PDA control programming and remote control programming which underpin the Graphic User Interface, hence permitting the user to effortlessly screen the electric home apparatuses through the PDA and the Internet independently. Also, we utilize a Short Message Service to actualize control and overseeing through a GSM cell telephone for remote utilize whenever and wherever.

In this paper a remote-controllable power outlet framework and the crux segments for home power administration have been advanced. To apprehend remote control, the Bluetooth, the GSM and the Internet advances for force administration have been coordinated. The suggested WPCOM is intended for satellite overseeing and regulating of diverse electric home apparatuses associated over a Bluetooth arrangement in a home earth.

The WPCOM additionally permits a GSM unit cellular telephone utilizing SMS and PC or Notebook utilizing the Internet to screen and control electric home apparatuses at remote areas. The field examinations reported in this paper has showed that this brand new framework might be reasonably executed and furnishes sufficient effects. While this inquiry has its limits, its trusted that it will serve as a support for further examines of home power administration methods for diverse electric home apparatuses.


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