Power Line Carrier Communication ECE Project Report

Introduction to Power Line Carrier Communication ECE Project:

The aim of this abstract to present the standards, characteristics, technologies, products and development associated with the power line carrier communication systems.  The PLC is also called as mains communication. Power area network (PAN) describes the power used by different systems through distributed lines the carrier can carry the data of voice and signal by superimposing over alternate current of 50HZ to 60HZ. It carries broadband over current lines with data speed of 1MBPS.higher data can be transmitted by lower power distribution in power lines.

Operating Principle:

The device used for communication is built in power line modem. Which receives and transmits the data over power line PLM device contains both DCU MIU. The data is streamed on to the line by frequency shift keying.The central frequency is shifted +0.3 KHzto represent 1 or 0 of the binary data stream. The signal is coupled by PLM.  On the other side the receiving PLM will receive the data and convert it back to the binary data stream they can operate in Half-Duplex and multi division communication mode. Proper communication is produced by DCU MIU. The data rate of PLC channel is 600bps. Each MIU has facility repeater function so DCU can designate MIU subsystem as repeater function. It has sensitive signal detection and sophisticated digital filtering technique.PLC is highly immune to electrical noise interference.


There are different types of applications providing economic networking solutions. 

  Transmission& Distribution Network

  Home control and Automation



  Security Systems

 Automatic Meter Reading 

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