ECE Major Project Idea on Remote Monitoring and Control of Electric Power System with Report

Introduction to Remote Monitoring and Control of Electric Power System Project:

This paper presents a new concept in remote monitoring control of electrical equipment through a web based networking technology, these internet based control systems are gaining enormous attention in these days, in order to provide protection for the power systems, here in this paper we developed a real time  smart controlling device based on the utilization of web, these systems are designed to  provide protection for in house engineering and production systems with most advanced controlling capabilities, i.e. equipment protection by means of modem communications.

In these days power management is done through the enhancement of net, in order to minimize the loss in the costly electrical equipment by energy management via web based controlling, in this project we provided an advanced architecture for the users in controlling the remote monitoring power systems, it is an simulation based concepts  provides the real time applications in web based laboratory work, these simulation studies helps to develop an sophisticated virtual control systems for electrical appliances safety, in modern days power monitoring electrical systems involves in measurement of continuous varying electrical parameters, so  we need to find the a device to operate the electrical network under normal and abnormal conditions,  this system consists of  three main interfaces, Presentation tier,  Application tier,  Data base tier .

In presentation tier we communicate with the device trough web browser, this tier is programmed using a java script, and in application tier we had an web server and an application logic for the control of electrical devices, where as data base tier built based on Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS) to facilitate higher flexibility, reusability, multiple task management.

The entire circuit operation with real time applications are clearly explained in the upcoming sections, this circuit is an ideal choice for the user willing to achieve low power consumption for monitoring operations with reduction in cost. In future decision making can be done by computers by implementing visual basic language.

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