Create ID for Kids in Social Networking Blog Sites

This article says child’s have their user ids on Orkut, Face book, twitter and other Social Networking blog sites from the day they are born. Their Parents are very careful in choosing an email id for their children. Wow how things have changed Now a day. Stereotypically when kids are parents wondered about just my name but these days parents have to think of original names as well ids for all these accounts.

Create ID for Kids in Social Networking Blog SitesThis shows the curiosity & enthusiasm of parents in creating a unique identity for their children. No longer have we have photograph diaries to be written about what is happening with children. At the end of the 15th year or so the children will know about each and every moment of their childhood life. In the present situation, kids don’t speak the first letter but type their first letter on the system.  Technology should be used judiciously at its best. This will have a great advantage in growing up as it makes them socially active and also accept this new technology easily and makes them multi-tasking personality.

The tools that we have available these days act as ‘personal diary. A daily pulpit, collaborative space, breaking-news outlet,   collection of links, Your own private thoughts, Memos to the world etc.’

Many people think they don’t have time to write about them or their children but we should think they are wrong if they say they don’t have time, because in this process they are suppressing their thought process, their ability to look around about peoples, places and event and analyze the situations around.

When you choose not to be virtually active you are killing the creative part of your mind and want just the logical part of your brain. A person looses the charm in life if they lose creativity in life. And all we need to activate the creative bent of mind is enthusiasm and the determination to share and gain knowledge. It is not about having no time but all about developing multi-tasking ability with open minds.

In 2006 new social networking site that was introduced was Orkut. All of our college young people of this generation became highly active & addicted to the Orkut. Everyone spent a lot of time wasting scrapping as it says it was scrap but sat before the internet hours & hours, All are habituated and gradually we wanted more or different. Started reading and exploring. Google picked up, so did Wikipedia from then. Everyone open to change and started exploring and accepting new ideas.

Parents then thought we wasted time but gradually after nearly 7 years they have accepted this change and have started actively participating on face book. Young parents are not stereotypical and are introducing changes easily to their children.

When a person becomes virtually active it helps grow personally as well as professionally. It makes you analyze about situations around. All People have an urge to speak, discuss and to know. They have no time to go around then why not explore something new and use these blogging and Wikipedia tools to discuss and share. 

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