Social Networking Site Project Documentation

Social Networking Site Project Documentation Covers explains detailed information about how to develop simple social networking site with screen shots and database details.

Social Networking Site

There are the following objectives of Social Networking Site Project :-

Users can add friends and share personal and interested details with friends in their circle.

 Earn money by developing a ad management option where we can sell ads for users.

Quickly spread messages to a wide audience.

Create social awareness about any topic.

What registered users will do?

  • Registered user can give information about his / herself in the site.
  • Can search for friends.
  • Can send instant messages.
  • Can upload images and documents.
  • Can create album and upload images.
  • Can share videos.

What an administrator will do?

  • Banner management

This is an important work of an ADMINISTRATOR. ADMINISTRATOR can change the banner displaying on the screen of the websites. So at the regular interval of time when it demands that new Banner is to be displayed onto the Website Screen then the ADMINISTRATOR can edit the Banner (i.e. the images, some properties information’s, some advertisements etc).

  • Block registered User

It should be the right of the ADMINISTRATOR that he can block the user in against of any complain, improper content upload in the site.

  • Sending Newsletter and updates to the users through email

Our project provides the options to the ADMINISTRATOR that he can directly contact with the registered users through email and send those Newsletters. This is really a nice communication idea between the ADMINISTRATOR and the registered users.

  • Posting latest news in the website

It is really a demand of any Websites that it should be “Dynamic” in nature. Likewise our project provides facility to the ADMINISTRATOR that he, at certain time period or at demand, can post the Latest news in the Websites. This is the Dynamicity of our Websites.

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