Social Networking Site For Social Responsibility


Social networking site is a Java based project which allows people to communicate, share ideas, activities, events with in the network. This system focuses on online communication. This system allows the users to promote social responsibilities like traffic rules, public hygiene, aversion ect,.


Social networking site is a well established web based final year project. This is developed to provide a website for people to communicate. people who wants to share their ideas and give their views  for creating social awareness can use this application.

Social networking site allows  users to create profiles, share the information with friends. they can create the growing network information. Users once registered can establish their views about social responsibilities and made publicly as well.

This site provides a common platform for people of Indian where they can perform many activities related social responsibilities. like voice out violations, injustice, inhumanity, corruption happening in their vicinity and provides online debate or discussion on  certain topics of broad applicability. The site can provide various measures for fellow citizens to rate, control and monitor the social responsibility of individual.


The objective of this Social Networking Site For Social Responsibility project is to explain and elaborate the concept of social networking by providing reliable and efficient communication among people on network. To provide attractive and secure access to the users. To make the application user-friendly.



Admin can  view  users, delete users, delete comments. Admin can handle this website.

2. Citizen :

Citizen can register with this site. citizen  can talk about social responsibilities to make aware among the other users. They can get scoring  based on the messages they send. They can invite the friends, view the friends, edit their profile.


NGO also register with this site. They take Action for the situation they see in the scraps.

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