Online Social Networking PHP Project

Online Social Networking developed in php. Here the user can make his/her account i.e.sign up. After sign up user can have to login in this project, user can send MSG to each other, chat with each other, user can see the profile of friends.

All the functionality is similar to the Face book. Like Face book user can make his account here. This project is very similar like Face book

Existing System

No Such Web Application in a Local System

Proposed System

Real-Life Benefits of Online Social Networking Project are as follows:

1)Kids and old peoples can easily gain social links and confidence from interacting with various peoples online.It also helps kids to feel more happy and secure in the situations and environment.For example going to school or college,joining a bar,and meetings also.

2) Peoples can become familiar with emerging and new technologies and thoughts because they finds everyone such as online .So they learn new changing technologies.It also increase there knowledge about the social media ,widgets, media literacy through exposure .They can easily share theirs thoughts in various peoples/friends.

3) Poples finds support in online communities .This is absolutely true for the peoples who lives isolated or alone and they have unique interest. Online social networking plays a vital role in encouraging peoples to come in front of others and share theirs thoughts and experience.

4) Online social networking can expose peoples and diverse to many new viewpoints,opinions,thoughts and ideas.

5) Peoples tend to use Online social networking to augment-not replace-people’s real world relations.It helps them to learn with communities in many various ways.It is well known that these type of projects are becoming so much familiar around the world.For example Facebook has take peoples very close to each other.

6)These types of social networking websites kept peoples with touch from their family members .Peoples can remains in touch with them .Peoples can share photos,video ,updates and message .

Some points which must be kept in mind in Online social networking project:

1) Never post any updates which hurt any people personal or emotional feelings.

2) Do not post your personal information such as home address, class schedule, phone number, Gmail id. Peoples can steal your personal data so you should keep in mind this point.


Registration: – All the New User can make an account in our project using this website

Login: – This Module is used for checking the user’s information like user name and password and gives permission to access our website

Friends: – find and request friends by using this module


• WAMP — Web Application Server
• PHP — Server Side Scripting Language
• MySQL — Database
• XHTML — Extendible Hypertext Markup Language

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