Social Networking Website Project Documentation

Introduction to Social Networking Website Project:

We must know the meaning of project, it has seven letters which has different meaning. P Stands for planning which deals with the idea of project. R stand for resource that is the money problem. O stands for operating in which operation is prepared. J stands for joint effort. E stands for engineering that means a well educated engineer can make this useful. C stands for co operation and T stands for technique, it gives shape to the project.

This project is all about social networking for developing connection between people. The internets allow as connecting with one another in a global manner. Some of the great examples of social networks are Face book and Twitter.

Many people are using them as a daily need and most of them have heard about it. They may bring income through advertising and additional paid service.

Social paradise is a project in which we develop a social networking website with a professional touch. In we can build our professional profile and can connect with other professionals. It uses concept of Facebook in which we can keep track of people that what they are doing.

Facebook also allows people to develop their application and host them in Facebook whereas Twitter allow as to post a blog which can fed subscribers. This service is used to know people they what are up to.

Development Phase:- It requires Microsoft visual studio at the front end and Microsoft SQL at the back end. Additional adobe Photoshop for editing pictures and windows xp or windows 7 as a operating system. For hardware it must have core 2 duo or above processor, monitor.

Its RAM should be of 2GB and CD\DVD as the backup media. This software can easily be updated in future and we can retrieve data from different user through this software.

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Download  Social Networking Website Project Documentation .

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