Social Networking Site Project Report

It was very difficult years ago to communicate with friends or family living in distant and far off places, thanks to technology that is not a problem anymore. Social networking is growing big in India and rest of the world with more and more users joining it every minute.

On these types of networks we meet up familiar persons or complete strangers whom we share similar interest with. If the earlier trend was making associations and groups physically, the present generation believes in making online communities and forms to discuss issues related to various and diverse topics.

The present system is developed such that a registered user maintains his/her own profile and could also search other similar peer profiles over the application. A registered user can send friend requests over the site. 

Highlights of this networking site 

  • Registered user can create their profile which will contain their details such as personal, educational, interests etc. 
  • Once registered can send friend requests to other users of the site and add them to friends list, similarly can accept friend requests sent by other peers 
  • Users can send mails and messages online to friends in profile list which may include multimedia messages as well. 
  • Users will have an inbox and outbox containing received and sent messages 
  • Users can upload photos and videos and create an album of their own which their friends would be able to see and comment upon 
  • Users can set privacy settings for their profile 
  • Users can begin or join any communities they are interested in, can post messages in these communities as well. 

Social networking sites not only allow users to mingle with different people, it also helps to spread social awareness and important information in a faster and simpler way.

People can search for long lost friends or family members and can get back in touch with them through this site.

Social networking site project can be implemented in java,

Download Social Networking Site Project Report.

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