Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors Seminar Report

Introduction to Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors Seminar Topic:

They are the integrated network that uses sensors, signal processing, decision capability and wireless network that combine in the low power system embedded generally used in the battlefield. It was first initiated in 1993 by DARPA.  They are used for variety of applications in defense for security purpose. These devices have sensors that are distributed all over the place, like in air, water and air also. They all are connected to wireless network to base camp where they sit and monitor the area. They are connected with the speed of 100kbps and there range is more than 1 km.

WIND micro sensors: they use sensors like infrared, seismic, and others). These sensors detect the noise created by any user that enters the prohibited area and that signals are converted into the PSD values and then compared with reference value set by the user.There are different types of hardware used like: mica network node, mica sensor board, mica power, TWE-ISM-002.

Characteristics and application: they can support large numbers of sensors and sensors network can be dense according to the area it is used. All the sensors are connected to the network and processors and they are developed to show shortest path RF communication. They have large applications in daily life. They are used to monitor the land, water and other resources. They are used by defense for monitoring border security and also used in transportation systems.

Design: sensors used in the device must be properly selected so as to minimize the cost and have less errors and it will reliable. All the sensors must be properly working so that communication between them must be working properly. They have sufficient memory so as to store the necessary data. Power is also the important factor in the area like border, where the supply of power is limited.

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