Seminar Report on wireless sensor network Algorithms

Introduction to wireless sensor network Algorithms Seminar Topic:

The wireless sensor network performs specific sensing tasks by using of Sensor nodes (SN’s) for wireless communications. The delivery of packets by the localized routing algorithms commonly known as multihop routing protocols designed in WSN’s is un guaranteed. 

The Greed Forwarding algorithm is some how able to do delivery of packets possessing low routing overheads, but it is also unable to find the next hop, once void problem occurs. 

Resolving or reducing the void problems by routing algorithms is classified into Non-graph based and Graph based schemes. The one Non-graph based algorithm called Intuitive schemes for applying GF algorithm is constructed in two-hop neighbor table to overcome the void problem. The ARP and LFR proposed routing schemes memorizes the void problems. Where as many other routing protocols like PAGER NEAR and YAGR, reduces the probability of void problem by keeping the updated information about void nodes. 

In GFA and PSR  schemes, the void problem is rectified by network flooding mechanism, here existing routing protocols adopts the backtracking method to overcome network holes or voids like  GEDIR, DFS and SPEED. 

It can be concluded that the void problem is partially rectified or can be resolved with algorithm based different routing protocols using efficient converging time.

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