Seminar Report on Bluetooth PAN Network

Introduction to  Bluetooth PAN Network Seminar Topic:

It is a personal wireless network uses for data transmission and receiving. It is a short range wireless connectivity and very easy and best over cable connection. It is used by many companies for their product. Now a days many product come with Bluetooth feature like mobiles, desktops, laptops, keyboards, mouse etc. it reduces the complexity of cables and wires. The first company that used the Bluetooth service was Sony Ericson. They first used it in their mobile phones. Later on it many companies joined this network like IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung etc.

It operates at the band of 2.4 GHZ. It can connect around 8 devices; in which 1 device will act as a master and other all the device will act as slave. This is also called piconet.  We can connect more than one piconet. But there is direct connection between the slaves. They all are connected t master and slave to master.  It has the speed of 1 MB/sec. we can send the data within the range of 10 meters.  When we connect the Bluetooth device for the first time we require authentication. We need to enter the same password in both the devices.  Each device has its 48 bit unique address.

Security: Bluetooth devices can’t send data until they are paired or bonded. They require pairing and for that must have common key between both the devices. For that they use cipher algorithm.  It involves the sector link which is never transmitted over the air.

Hardware:It is made up of 9*9 mm chip micro-chip embedded withRAM, I/O and RF interfaces. They consist of 2.4 GHZ radio transmitter and receiver. They are created by companies like Philips and Memec. 

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