Wireless Equipment Control Using AT89C51 ECE Main Project Full Report

Introduction to Wireless Equipment Control Using AT89C51 ECE Main Project:

This paper had addressed a revolutionary concept In controlling the devices virtually due to rapid advancement in wireless communications and embedded system technology had paved path for new inventions in monitoring and controlling of equipments efficiently, these embedded systems are the special purpose computer systems designed for multiple computing in real time applications, these are the auxiliary computing systems embedded in the electronic circuits. In this paper we implemented a wireless   controlling device using an 8-bit AT89C51 microcontroller for controlling the other circuitry components, and it can regulates the power supply at an regular intervals of time, the hardware of this system consists of two sections on e the transmitter section and the other is receiver section and the low power high performance 8-bit AT89C51 microcontroller is responsible for the controlling operations.

The receiver circuit receives the signals from the transmitter circuit around a distance of 9 meters, this circuit works under controlled 5v dc supply so in order to supply this 5v dc we need to rectify the step downed 12v ac from ac mains and then feed to the voltage regulator to obtain rectified 5v dc output. And coming to software design the compiler used in project is KEIL C51 it is an embedded C converts high level programming language to machine level language.

This system is far better in controlling equipments it had many advantages than the ordinary conventional control systems like highly reliable in home appliances control, efficient in instrumentation and industrial automation, multiple device control and remote monitoring, low cost with high performance rate, and it is an ideal choice for minimum power consumption control devices.

By extending the range of antenna we can increase the controlling range up to 30 meters, and by using a sophisticated relays we increase the number of devices and multiple computing can be achieved.

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