Heart Beat Monitoring By GSM Technology Final Year Project for ECE Students

The main objective of this paper is to analyze the condition of the patient from remote area i.e. sitting anywhere in the hospital providing high flexibility for the doctors in attending multiple patients at a time. The use of micro controller is increasing day by day in every aspect of industrial progress, now a day’s the use of micro controllers is increasing in bio medical sciences in virtual monitoring and controlling of the varying conditions of the patients.

In this project we implemented a new concept “Heart beat monitoring by GSM technology”. For continuous monitoring of the heart beat and temperature variations in the human body, as the population increases the demand for hospitalization increased enormous to provide quality therapies at a minimum cost.

This project full fills the requirement effectively by implementing GSM modem communication technology; GSM is nothing but Global Systems for Mobile Communication it is the best replacement for the conventional health monitoring systems, this is designed to send the heart beat pulses at a specific periodic time intervals depending upon the request.

 This project comprises of GSM modem, heart beat sensor and a temperature sensor, micro controller (P89V51RD2) is used to control all the peripheral devices. This circuit operates under 5v dc supply so in order to get this rectified dc we use a step down transformer to step the high voltage ac mains to low voltage ac and then it is feed to an rectifier to get dc output and then to an smoothing reactor  and a voltage regulator for getting controlled rectified 5v dc. The circuit design and assembly is discussed below.

This new versions had many advantages in early detection of heart attacks, had god reaction time in providing diagnosis, it had improved the quality in heart treatments, in future using advanced GSM mobile technology we can display the heart rate values  of the patient as a SMS.

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