ECE Mini Project on Voice Guider for Aged People and Patients With Report

Introduction to ECE Mini Project on Voice Guider for Aged People and Patients:

Due increased population and number of patients the concerned authorities had no time to look after each and every individual so we presented a new user friendly system which guides the aged people and patients effectively.

Due to rapid advancement in embedded system technology paved path for the invention of these new technologies, this embedded system components are integrated into a small chip and this chip acts as an mini computing system called as micro controller, these micro controller are multi functioned devices performs tasks faster at a continuous rate and these small computers are low power consumption devices used for embedded applications.

This proposed system consists of a micro controller system; manipulators i.e. voice transmitters and receivers and software to perform the specified task, an low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller (AT89C52) is used to control the adjacent devices. In this the user has to give the voice signals and the accurate guidance is provided by the device using voice alert and IR technology.

In this system we used a crystal oscillator to produce pulses based on the instructions given by the user, this system can also be used as health monitoring system and it can operate continuously under varying conditions. This entire circuit is operated at 5v dc supply so we need to step down the 230v ac in to 18v dc and then rectified into 5v dc using an full bridge rectified an this controlled output is feed as input to the circuit.

The design and components descriptions and the software programming were clearly explained bellow. The experimental results revealed that this system is highly advantageous in presenting information for the old aged people and especially patients it has storage option and the user can erase the previous stored data also. In future we extend these system capabilities by using remote sensor techniques.

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  1. Please give me the entire circuits and report for the topic voice guider for aged people and patients along with abstract

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