Project Report On Wireless Equipment Control AT89C51

This Project Report On  Wireless Equipment Control AT89C51 explains comprehensively about microcontroller implementation as automatic electric/electronic devices by wireless technology in making electrical power saving.

The microcontroller that can be accessed by using wireless technology can be used as a more economical and efficient controller for electrical power saving nationally. Wireless technology is wireless communication network which is micro wave network or electromagnetic wave as the transmission media.

The 8-bit AT89C51 microcontroller is the main controlling part of the transmitter section. It is connected to the LCD module, input switches and encoder IC (HT12E). The device control program is stored in the memory of the microcontroller to control the devices as per the time out settings done through input switches S1 through S4.

A two-line, 16 character LCD module shows the status of the main program that is running inside the microcontroller. The HT12E is an 18 pin DIP package encoder IC that encodes 4-bit data and sends it to the TRX -434 RF transmitter modules.

The TRX -434 RF transmitter module uses a digital modulation technique called ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) or on-off keying. In this technique, whenever logic ‘1’ is to be sent, it is modulated with carrier signal (434 MHz). This modulated signal is then transmitted through the antenna.

Project Report On  Wireless Equipment Control AT89C51 Conclusion:

1. IC AT89C51 give only command to turn off and on electrical devices

2. Equipment control driver use IC AT89C51 that only wait command from user. It makes easer process of change in amount of equipment controlled.

3. Load controlled by the device is load with standard power, because when load use great power then its driver relay should be replaced according to load capacity that will be controlled. The easier use can be seen in data sheet.

4. Use of IC microcontroller with different serial number will not affect the working of the device

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