AT89C51 Development Kit ECE Final Year Project Download

This project AT89C51 Development Kit ECE Final Year Project Download is a designed microcomputer. The best advantage of this system is that it is compatible with MCS-51 products which bring in a lot of services. It possesses flash memory which can be programmed and is in-built into the system. The endurance power of this system is around 4K bytes offering vast storage space and offering full static operation in the frequency range 0 to 24 MHz.

at89c51-development-kit-ece-final-year-project-downloadIt has got a three level program memory lock and internal random access memory (RAM) of 128×8 bit. The input output lines in this system are programmable and are 32 in number. There is also the provision of two 16-bit counters with 6 interrupt sources provided. The serial channel is also programmable in nature. It consumes low power and has power down modes too.

The AT89C51 Development Kit ECE Final Year Project Download is a CMOS 8-bit microcomputer delivering high performance. It consumes less power and has 4K bytes of flash memory. This memory is programmable and erasable read only memory (PEROM). The device here is manufactured using ATMEL’s high density technology. It is a non-volatile memory and is compatible with the industry standards MCS-51 instruction and pin arrangement.

This on-chip flash memory permits the program memory to be re-programmed either by in-built mechanism or by the usual non-volatile memory programmer. By a combination of a versatile 8-bit CPU with flash memory embed on a monolithic chip. This is a powerful supercomputer that provides a highly flexible and cost viable solution to a range of embedded control applications.


The project designed here is done in the research stage. Once stage 1 is completed, development can be done further. This kit is not only a simple kit but an inexpensive platform for testing and running the programs. It can be implemented in real life applications.

Download  AT89C51 Development Kit ECE & EEE B Tech/ BE Final Project Report and Document.

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