Wireless Application Protocol-WAP MCA Seminar Idea

These days Voice and Internet are the primary communication. Internet made industry to realize its potential so the industry is planning its marketing and communication strategies over the Internet. E-mail is the method to communicate nowadays who use the Internet. The wireless technologies and the Internet were growing separately.

Wireless Application Protocol-WAP MCA Seminar Idea is a standard developed by the WAP Forum. It is a group founded by Nokia, Ericsson, Phone.com (formerly Unwired Planet), and Motorola. The WAP Forum includes computer industry heavyweights such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Intel along with many other companies.

 According to the WAP Forum, the goals of WAP are Independent of wireless network standard, Open to all, Proposed to the appropriate standards bodies, Scalable across transport options, Scalable across device types, and Extensible over time to new networks and transports.

 WAP defines a communications protocol and application environment. It is a standardized technology for distributed computing and cross-platform. It is similar to the World Wide Web. WAP is the combination of HTML and HTTP. The important features it includes are optimization for low-bandwidth, low-memory, and low-display capability environments. These environments include PDAs, wireless phones, pagers, and virtually other communications device.

 Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a result of continuous work to define an industry-wide specification for developing applications which is operated on wireless communication networks. The scope of WAP Forum is to define market which is growing quickly and reaching new customers and providing new services. WAP defines a set of protocols in transport, session and application layers to meet the challenges in advanced services, differentiation, and fast/flexible service creation.


 WAP technology creates a global wireless internet. WAP is designed to benefit wireless subscribers, handset vendors, network operators and service providers. WAP is a young technology as the wireless data industry. It can be used as an extremely powerful tool by software developers.

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