Seminar Report on Wireless Application Protocol

Introduction to Wireless Application Protocol seminar Topic:

Imagine if we can access the content of web based applications from mobile handsets with same ease but without any restrictions. This can be done using Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) which is basically an open source global standard application that helps any user to access information via internet using the mobile handsets.

In 1997 four companies developed and deployed WAP they are Motorola, Nokia, Ericson and US software company WAP helps in smooth filtering of internet content on to mobile devices for faster access.

WAP gives a scope to revolutionize few business segments where customer interaction is important for their business. It opens gate for new ways of delivering services to its customers and can have WAP based workforce anywhere and anytime.  For wireless operators WAP gives a chance to decrease operational costs, reduce churn and increase customer base while improving existing services.

In order to make a web application WAP standard the application should be written in wireless markup language (WML) which is a subset of extended markup language (XML). All applications of web are basically written in internet standards HTML, HTTP, TLS and TCP but these languages based web applications cannot be used on mobiles or handheld devices because of small screen size and lower bandwidth of mobile networks. Hence data has to be compressed and optimized for longer latency in low bandwidth, to achieve this WAP uses binary transmission technique. (WML) wireless markup language script is used to create WAP content.  

For working on WAP we need a WAP gateway, WAP server and end user terminal. WAP programming model is based on client, Gateway and server. The main features of WAP are language, operating system and a network that supports WAP. The main applications of WAP are wireless internet access from mobile phones and wireless access to extranets and corporate systems and records also for intelligent telephonic services. 

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