Multimedia Application System CSE Seminar Topic

MULTIMEDIA APPLICATION SYSTEM mentions as the method of presentation that is not limited to single medium like animation or text sound which uses two or more media. The software system of interactive multimedia is like a tutor of signal processing of digital audio.

The audio technology refers to presentation of multimedia since it includes sound with text and graphics. Multimedia team and DSP contain in-depth ability in System Integration and Product Design which functions actively on realization of multimedia product.

There are many requirements of customers from different domains such as Automotive electronics, Consumer electronics, Semiconductor, broadcasting, Medical electronics, and Digital media. It provides reusable of Video, Audio, and Speech codecs enhanced on various platforms in application areas with cost effective and time-to-market solutions. The development of end-to-end HW is being provided by video codec solutions

Animation displays images in the sequence of 2-D or 3-D positions of model or artwork to form illusive movement. With the vision persistence phenomenon, animation is a motion of optical illusion demonstrated and created in many methods.

There are many techniques of animation like 2D animation, 3D animation, Paint-on-glass animation, Pinscreen animation, and Sand animation. 2D animation automates versions of techniques of animation like morphing, interpolated rotoscoping, and onion skinning. Animator manipulates digital models in 3D animation.


It is concluded that digital signal learning environment (DSPLE) is utilized without training like psycho acousticians and composers. A system prototype explores as relationships between graphics, sound, and text in an environment and the feasibility and platform are developed by the available tools.

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