Blue Ray Disc Seminar Topic

Blue-Ray-Disc-Seminar-Topic.Blue ray disc seminar topic explains about history of blue ray technology, Format of blue ray disc, Types of BD, comparison between CD DVD and blue ray disk writing and advantages and features of BD. This paper briefs on next generation technology for disc formatting presently CD and DVD disk formats are mostly used for data storage. Blue ray disc technology was developed by BD Association, apple, Hitachi, HP,JVC,LG and many other companies are part of this association. DVD’s had overtaken CD’s because of large amount of data storage capacity with DVD quality videos, Blue ray technology is advanced to DVD which can store HD quality videos and amount of data storage capacity is more with recording rewriting and playback features. Blue ray disc can store 2 hours HD videos, Laser archives are used to record on 12 cm diameter optical disk.

Blue ray disc is a single sided 12 cm diameter optical disk which can store 20GB of data by writing using 405nm blue violent laser. Short wave length blue laser is used for writing which will reduce its beam spot size and covers 0.85 laser coverage. Using this method recording and read out density will be increased.

Blue ray technology follows “MPEG-2 transport stream” video standards for writing and reading high quality data. Because BD maintains high quality data recording it can be used in digital broadcasting for storing large amount of data. With unique ID feature provided in BD it is easy to maintain copy right protection for data.

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