What is Lamp Technology LINUX Apache MYSQL PHP

Description: The research paper What is Lamp Technology LINUX Apache MYSQL PHP describes in depth what Lap technology is. It derives its name from four applications LINUX, MYSQL, Apache and PHP. It is suggested in the research paper that together these tools provide world class web platform. It is suggested in the research paper that running on the Linux operating system, the Apache web server, the MySQL database and the programming languages, PHP or Perl deliver all of the components needed to build secure scalable dynamic websites. LAMP has been touted as “the killer app” of the open source world.

 What Lamp does:

Lamp helps the companies in more than one way and it has been given high regard improving the quality of functioning per se. It is suggested in the research paper that With many LAMP sites running E-business logic and Ecommerce site and requiring 24×7 uptime, ensuring the highest levels of data and application availability is critical. For organizations that have taken advantage of LAMP, these levels of availability are ensured by providing constant monitoring of the end-to-end application stack and immediate recovery of any failed solution components. Some also supports the movement of LAMP components among servers to remove the need for downtime associated with planned system maintenance.

 It is suggested in the paper that In the open source world, the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) environment has been greatly accepted. LAMP provides developers with a traditional two tiered application development platform. There is a database, and a “smart” webserver able to communicate with the database. Clients only talk to the webserver, while the web server transparently talks to the database when required. The following diagram illustrates how a typical LAMP server works.


The research paper concludes on a note that LAP will continue to attract customers for its high reliability and of course cost effectiveness.

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